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The purpose of Faithbuilders Fellowship is to build a deepening faith in God through the sharing of gospel literature. Our non-denominational publications focus in a way sectarian messages may not on the promises of God which affect every member of the human family. We seek to move the hearts of people, to encourage their hopes, and to increase faith in God. If, after reading the articles below, you would like printed copies for distribution or for group study, these will be provided at no cost to you, because all Faithbuilders Fellowship publications and services are free. Send your request for free publications to: Faithbuilders Fellowship - 8060 Wing Span Drive, San Diego, CA 92119, U.S.A.


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  1. Abraham and the Land Promised - A question and answer discussion of a topic pertinent to our time; touches every Bible promise relating to the land; revealing.
  2. "All the Fulness of 'the Godhead' (Deity) Bodily" - Why more than 15 translations do not use the word 'godhead'; explains obscure Co. 2:9 and aspects of the 'fulness'.
  3. "A Ransom For All" - A study course with questions; on the sacrifice of Jesus, its benefits to present believers, and how and when God's favor will reach all mankind.
  4. "A Ransom For All" Study Questions
  5. Are You "Baptized For The Dead"? - An illuminating view of difficult 1 Cor. 15:29; explains baptism, the resurrection, and the two kinds of 'dead'.
  6. An Important Critique
  7. Christians: Wake Up! Dishonor God's Name No More!
  8. Consecration
  9. Doctrines of Faith - 14 basic Bible teachings with Bible texts which define them.
  10. Do You Know? - 32 short, vital questions of interest to every inquiring mind.
  11. Evil: Why God Permits It
  12. Ezekiel 16 and It's Covenants - God's distinctly different promises therein explained.
  13. For Christian Parents And Children
  14. God's Reconciling Love - A brief explanation of God's plan of redemption (a condensation of the "Ransom for All" booklet).
  15. Psalm 50: God's 'Solemn Promises' - A faith building discussion of God's covenants with Abraham and Israel, and the Christian's need of the New Covenant and its once-for-all sacrifice.
  16. Gratitude - An appropriate quality; to be developed and expressed.
  17. Hebrews 13:10-16 - Explains the instruction to believers in that passage; identifies the 'altar' and the 'camp'.
  18. How Great Thou Art
  19. Important New Covenant Considerations - Christians have always been interested in God's ancient promise of a 'new covenant.' A covenant is an agreement between two parties. These questions call attention to points that touch the subject, and help disciples of Jesus understand New Testament teachings of it.
  20. I Needed The Quiet
  21. In This Our Home
  22. "Like Unto His Brethren"
  23. Names Written In Books - Has heaven taken favorable note of you?; searching, encouraging.
  24. New Year's Resolution
  25. Old and New Covenant Comparisons
  26. Peace, and the Legacy of Jesus--Perfect Peace - Its source, its promise, and our part.
  27. Praising the Lord
  28. Resurrection: The Basis of Faith and Hope
  29. Salvation and God's Covenants - A detailed consideration for committed believers seeking deeper understanding, with study questions; identifies all, and explains the three principal, covenants of God; discusses the Galations allegory and the New Covenant in Jeremiah; 69 Old and New Covenant features compared; Bible Citation index.
  30. Something Really Worth Having
  31. The Bible Teaches - 21 briefly-stated Bible teachings and supporting citations.
  32. The Building of Faith
  33. The Christian Life And Its Warfare
  34. The Good News Of Eternal Judgment
  35. The Grace of God
  36. The Kindly Yoke - Emphasizes Jesus' sincere invitation to discipleship.
  37. Isaiah 22: "The Nail"
  38. "The Son Of Man" - Explains why Jesus applied to Himself, and His services under, this title; what our heavenly high priest offered; and the promise in Heb. 9:28 of his 'second-time' appearance.
  39. The Work Of God
  40. The Vine, the Branches, and Persecution - Comforting verse-by-verse analysis of John 15.
  41. There Is More To Learn
  42. "Today I Declare That I Will Restore to You Double" - Discusses and important prophecy of the blessings resulting from the death and resurrection of Jesus.
  43. What Is The Holy Spirit? - Old and New Testament teachings examined; its effect and blessings traced.
  44. "Were Not Ten Cleansed?" - Only one healed returned with gratitude.
  45. What About Hell? - A brief discussion of a much misunderstood subject.
  46. When A Man Dies
  47. "When[ever] I May Take Away Their Sins" - A detailed, satisfying explanation of much misunderstood Romans chapter 11.
  48. When The Day Begins
  49. Why So Many Different Churches? - Sectarian distortions obscure simple Bible truths; the intended blessings of membership in Christ's church are listed.
  50. Who Is A Faithful Man?

These Bible studies are from Faithbuilders Fellowship, and presented on this website by True Grace Ministries.
Requests for printed copies should be sent to: Faithbuilders Fellowship, 8060 Wing Span Drive, San Diego, CA 92119