Are You Really a Christian Universalist?

People are apt to be deceived in regard to what they believe. We will therefore put the reader upon a plan, by which he may determine with some considerable degree of certainty, whether he is really a Christian Universalist.

It is well for us to try ourselves frequently by these rules.

Who is a Christian Universalist?

A Christian Universalist is one

Yes, A Christian Universalist is a believer in God as the Creator, Preserver, Benefactor, Judge, and Savior of all men. He is a believer in Jesus, as "the Mediator between God and Men," unto Whom, at last, "every knee shall bow, and whom every tongue shall confess to be Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Such is the "Christian Universalist faith!

This article is adapted from the book, "Plain Guide to Universalism", written in 1840 by Thomas Whittemore.

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