Plain Guide To Universalism

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by Thomas Whittmore

This work has been prepared for the benefit of inquirers after truth; for those that ask, Who are Universalists? What are the points of their faith? What proofs can be found in the Scriptures of their distinguishing sentiments? How do they explain the passages which others adduce to disprove Universalism? How do they meet the common objections? We propose in this work to answer these questions, and thus, to lead candid inquirers to the belief of the doctrine maintained by Universalism.

This work is also designed for the benefit of those who have already, in theory, embraced Universalism. We propose to show what are the duties of Universalists; that Universalists are divided into two classes, negative and positive, or those who merely profess Universalism, and those who believe it with a living faith, and make it the ground of their conduct: the moral excellence of that system of faith will be clearly pointed out: and thus we hope to lead believers of Universalism to the practice of it.


The scriptural proofs of Universalism contained in Chapter 3, are as full as the space would allow, which I allotted for that purpose. Let it be observed, that these are SCRIPTURAL proofs merely. Many of the arguments which Universalists employ, are unavoidably omitted. The basis of the arguments in Chapter 3, is the original "One Hundred Arguments for Universalism", published by me several years ago. While I have retained the substance of that little work, the arguments are so much enlarged, that its visage will hardly be recognized. I have put down under each sacred author, what he has said on the great salvation, but in some cases, where the testimony had been included under some other head, it is omitted under the author's name.


  1. Who Are Universalists ?
  2. What Do Universalists Believe ?
  3. Scriptural Evidence of Universalism
  4. Celebration of the Lord's Supper