General Overseer: Rev. Dr. Kenneth C. Allen, Sr.

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In order to share ideas relating to the ministry, and to aid each other in the education for/and performance of their ministy, the "TGM Christian Ministers Association" (TGMCMA) was formed.

The TGMCMA is Non-Denominational. The main purpose of the TGMCMA is that which is stated in the first paragraph above. The only requirements for a minister to be considered for membership are that:

  1. they are a Christian (this means that they believe that "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God; that He came in the flesh, died for their sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures.");
  2. they are an ordained minister;
  3. they agree to maintain high ethical and moral values in all their dealings, personally and professionally;
  4. they agree to respect each person's difference in doctrine, style and personality as they follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit;
  5. they agree to only speak in edifying ways in regards to other ministers, ministries, and the Body of Christ at large;
  6. they agree to treat all with whom they come into contact as they would like to be treated.

Although other differences of beliefs, doctrine, interpretation, and opinion may be held and expressed by various members, these are to be held and expressed in love and fellowship with those who may differ.

Since members of the the TGMCMA are located in various locations throughout the world, members are subscribed to the TGMCMA TGMCMA web-based email discussion list upon application approval. Using the TGMCMA discussion group is virtually, in most instances, the only way membership can be effective in fellowship, sharing and helping each other. More information about this is given in the section below.

Web-based Email Fellowship and Discussion Group

This is the heart of the TGMCMA fellowship. Only those who are subscribed to the TGMCMA Yahoo Discussion lists are considered active members of the TGMCMA. Members who are non-subscribers will be subject to have their membership removed from the TGMCMA.

This is an Web-based Email Discussion list. Members may post messages by e-mail, or at the web site, to this list and the message will be delivered, by e-mail to each member that is subscibed to the list. Replies to the message are also e-mailed to each member of the list. Messages and replies are also posted to the web site. This provides a way for members of the TGMCMA to easily communicate and share with each other.

Membership Certificate
Here is a TGMCMA Membership Certificate that may be printed and used by Members of the TGMCMA.
Banner and Graphics Page This is a page of Graphics and Banners that Members of TGMCMA may use on their own web pages to show their membership in the TGMCMA.
Ministerial Resources This is a page of Ministerial Resources to help the Minister in the performance of his/her duties.
There will be other benefits forthcoming as the Association develops.

Membership in the TGMCMA is completely free of charge!

To apply for membership, just fill in the form below and click on the "Join Now" Button.

Join the TGMCMA
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Please Note
Membership in the TGMCMA IS NOT membership in True Grace Ministries itself.
They are two separate organizations and have separate membership requirements.
Membership with True Grace Ministries must be applied for separately.
Click here for information about membership with True Grace Ministries.

Active members of the TGMCMA are those who are subscribed to the TGMCMA Yahoo Discussion Group. Inactive members are subject to being removed from membership in the TGMCMA.

If you are an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, you are invited to join the Universal Life Church Christian Fellowship (ULCCF). The purpose of this Fellowship (ULCCF) is to serve Universal Life Church Christians according to their expressed religious needs; to uphold and promote the true Christian witness within the Universal Life Church; and to uphold and promote the Universal Life Church witness and conscience within the church universal. Click here for more information

General Overseer of the TGMCMA
Rev. Dr. Ken Allen -