A Letter From Brother Daniel Zimmerman

Below is a copy of an email message from Brother Daniel Zimmerman, who heads the ULC Monastery in Tuscon, Arizona, and is on the staff at the Universal Life Church Headquarters in Modesto, California, to Rev. Dr. Ken Allen, an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and Bishop of True Grace Ministries and the Universal Life Church Fellowship.

Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 10:50:50 -0700
From: Brother Daniel Zimmerman
To: Rev. Ken Allen, D.D.
Subject: I visited your site today.

I wanted to visit as many of the ULC sites on the Net as possible to present a report of the progress of the church on the Net at the next Annual Convention. Since Rev. Hensley passed away last March 19th, many people are worried that things will change in the ULC and that is not true. New people, new ideas - yes, but the same administrative authority and vested rights and entitlements at law remain the same.

On behalf of the staff of Modesto and Tucson, I want to thank you for your efforts on the church's behalf to promote freedom of religion and to encourage others to do that which is right. The church's main site will be greatly enhanced soon with all of the church's offerings going online for free. Then if someone does want the degree or certificate a donation can be sent in with the test to Modesto or here to Tucson.

We would like to request permission to place a link from the main site to your site.

Thank you again for your efforts to continue Rev. Hensley's dream for the world.

You are an important part. Your site is excellent and promotes the tenets of the church accurately and professionally.

Brother Daniel