Reviews and Comments Concerning

"The Restitution of All Things"

by Andrew Jukes (1867)

Restitution of All Things, August 24, 2001 Reviewer: Martin Cisneros from Fort Worth, Texas United States As one who has recently matured from a Word of Faith background into someone who now holds to the doctrine of universal salvation; while not forsaking my word of faith background, I believe that the understanding of universal restoration that this book presents is totally life changing. In addition to the obvious message of the love of God that will unquestionably unfold in God's process of graces and judgments until the consummation, when death is destroyed and God is All in All over a reunited reconciled creation, this book presents a very powerful meditation in it's first chapter on the nature of the written word of God as being as divine as if it were not human and as human as if it were not divine, just like the awesome awesome Savior of the World, Jesus Christ that the rest of the book tells us about in a fresh new way. This book is indespensible. It's a must read for all who would know a little more about the finished work of Christ and for those who would just like a deeper appreciation of the written Word of God. The book breathes of a beautifully heart warming spirit and the language is very classic 19th century. The third chapter that deals with popular arguments against Restorationist theology is a must read. The book concludes with many quotes from the early Church fathers on the subject. Whether you are new to UR theology, or if you have been a restorationist for years and have just never read this book, this book is a true Classic; a rare masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Torture Neverending, March 15, 2000 Reviewer: booksail  from Marietta, Georgia If you cannot fathom that God would punish most (or even one) of his creatures for year upon year upon year and, after that time, he has not really begun with his revenge, then this book may go a long way toward bringing you faith in God's lovingness. If you have no problem with such a God, good luck!

A magnificent work!, February 10, 2000 Reviewer: A seeker from Texas There is so much in this book that it will require several readings. For the hungry and thirsty each reading will be a pleasure. His discussion of the nature of revelation, at the beginning of the book, will speak to the heart of every believer - no matter what you think of his conclusions.

The Gospel that the world has yet to hear!, August 23, 1998 Reviewer: A reader from Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA Although this book was at first only intended to be a letter, it has been for the spiritual profit of many that it was published and re-published by Concordant Publishing Concern in 1976. The majority of Christianity has yet to hear the real reason why the word "gospel", means good news! Nevertheless each generation has had a remnant that embraced the precious reality of God's love in its most complete sense. On March 25,1867 the letter Jukes wrote was no exception. Yet, it was indeed a confirmation of something that was true before the very foundation of the world! For those who disagree with the conclusion of this book, you will at least be challenged in a way that no other book, except maybe for the bible, has ever challenged you! More than the challenge, more than the comprehensive work of considering all objections, the heart of the writer was a well balanced reflection of what the fiery finger of God wrote upon his heart. If we may be so bold to say so, it is a firm confirmation of God's own heart! Both Christians that agree with Jukes and disagree with Jukes concerning restitution, have cited his work as scholarly and note worthy. Your bible may never look the same after reading this book.