Is God's Will Necessarily the Church's Will?

By Gary Amirault

Having been in several dozen denominational and non-denominational Christian churches, I have noticed something very peculiar. I have been in once saved, always saved churches, and I have been in churches where a mustache on your face will send you to hell. I have been in churches that teach an absolute sovereign God and in churches where the devil is constantly messing up God's plan. I have been in Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Christian Church, United Church of Christ, charismatic, Holiness, Pentecostal, Friends, Episcopal, and the list can be greatly multiplied. With so many different denominations divided by hundreds of different doctrines, creeds, and traditions, one would think that they each must use entirely different Bibles. How can they teach so many doctrines when they all (except the Catholic church) do in fact use basically the same translations of the Bible? All of them claim they teach their truth from the Bible and accuse the other denominations of not rightly dividing the word.

The Scriptures listed below should settle the matter. The word that is crossed out in each verse is what the Bible teaches. The word printed in caps next to the crossed-out word is what most of the churches in which I have been teach. Clearly, the denominations in which I have participated, while claiming to teach the Scriptures, in fact, do not teach the Scriptures, but through incredibly deceptive means actually brainwash people into not being able to see what is plainly written. It is a painful process to get denominationally deprogrammed, but when you do you will begin to believe what the early Christians taught. The present day church is in great darkness, not realizing that the great falling-away for which they look in the near future is already upon them and they already have fallen away from our Father's will. Fortunately, your loving Father will always have His arms open for your return. He is waiting for you to believe ALL, not SOME.


King James Authorized Version used throughout

So, my very dear and cherished fellow member of Christ, does your church believe all that is plainly written, or does it only believe some of the truth? Jesus Christ will save all of mankind whether you believe it or not. The world will be a better place when you finally believe it.