Essential Divine Principles
of the Christian Religion

For a True Christian Society

From the book,
"Practical Christian Socialism, A Conversationalist Expostition of the True System of Human Society",
Written by Adin Ballou in 1854.

Adin Ballou (1803-1890)
Utopian reformer
and practical Christian

          I. Principles of Theological Truth.

1. The existence of one All-Perfect, Infinite God.
2. The mediatorial manifestation of God through Christ.
3. Divine revelations and inspirations given to men.
4. The immortal existence of human and angelic spirits.
5. The moral agency and religious obligation of mankind.
6. The certainty of a perfect divine retribution.
7. The necessity of man's spiritual regeneration
8. The final universal triumph of good over evil.

          II. Principles of Personal Righteousness.

1. Reverence for the Divine and spiritual.
2. Self-denial for righteousness' sake.
3. Justice to all beings..
4. Truth in all manifestations of mind.
5. Love in all spiritual relations.
6. Purity in all things.
7. Patience in all right aims and pursuits.
8. Unceasing progress towards perfection.

          III. Principles of Social Order.

1. The supreme Fatherhood of God.
2. The universal Brotherhood of Man.
3. The declared perfect love of God to Man.
4. The required perfect love of Man to God.
5. The required perfect love of Man to Man.
6. The required just reproof and disfellowship of evil doers.
7. The required non-resistance of evil doers with evil.
8. The designed unity of the righteous.

Here are twenty-four cardinal principles; eight of Theological Truth, to be embraced by faith, or at least acknowledged as undeniable; eight of Personal Righteousness, to be illustrated in practice; and eight of Social Order, to be acknowledged and acted upon in the constitution, organization and establishment of a true harmonic Society. These are the essential divine principles of the Christian Religion. With their sub-principles and indispensable cognates, they include all that is vital in that Religion. Taken together in their blended interfusion and unity, they constitute its soul, its spirit. Practical Christian Socialists hold these to be essential, eternal, universal, divine principles; positively practical in their natural tendency, and interior to all external ceremonies, formalities, scholasticisms, ecclesiasticisms, sectarianisms, localisms, temporisms and mere incidentalisms.