Hymn -- Abrahamic Covenant

The Abrahamic covenant all people embraced,
By it all who fell in Adam are in Jesus replaced;
For Jehovah hath sworn, and he will not recall his vow,
That in the name of Jesus every creature shall bow.

From his kingdom shall Christ remove all things that offend,
He will finish trangression and bring sin to an end;
No place for the devil nor his works will be found;
Where sin once abounded grace more shall abound.

Oh then shall the glorious restition take place,
The reconciliation of all Adam's lost race,
Which Jehovah hath promised and announced unto man,
By the mouth of all his prophets since creation began.

To Zion the ransom'd of the Lord shall repair,
The Jew and the Gentile, bond and free shall be there;
All people encircled in the Saviour's embrace,
And sighing and sorrow to thier songs shall give place.

On the mountain of Zion God a feast shall afford,
And all nations shall flock unto this feast of the Lord:
The songs of salvation shall employ every voice,
Christ shall see the travail of his soul and rejoice.

Every creature in heaven, on the earth, and beneath,
Shall celebrate the triumph over Hades and death:
All rule, and authority, and power overthrown,
And God all in all, the whole creation shall own.

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