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We are an advocate of the absolute right to the freedom of religion and one resource among many for disciples who seek ever more intimate communion with Christ and within the household of faith, and who seek to engage the world in loving witness as ambassadors of God's Kingdom.

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Average minds talk about things,
Small minds talk about other people.
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Ordination Through True Grace Ministries

Although True Grace Ministries does not currently issue ordination credentials itself, we recommend ordination through the following affiliates. Click on the links below for more information.

More information concerning ordination can be found in the article Ministry, Ministers and Ordination.

True Grace Ministries would like to know about your ordination, so, please send us a note telling us a little information about you and your ministry.

Send your note to:


Become a

Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries offers FREE Non-Denominational Christian ordination. Being Non-Denominational, Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries emphasizes the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ rather than individual differences of interpretation. They believe that the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of God the Father and His Holy Spirit, and should be the primary message of the Christian church, taking precedence over all differences, whether they be theological, denominational, ideological, or physical in nature. You can find information about ordination with them by clicking here.

Become an Ordained Minister of the

Life Church

Do you feel that you have been called to be an Ordained Minister? Do you want to be able to legally minister as you feel lead to minister with freedom from rigid ecclesiastical restraints? The Universal Life Church can make this possible for you.

You can be legally ordained as an independent minister
by the Universal Life Church,
Free and For Life.

Reasons and Benefits of Being Ordained by the Universal Life Church

First, the ULC is a recognized International organization and has fought many court battles through the years (and winning) to insure the legal rights of independent churches and ministers. The ULC stands between the minister and the government and not between the minister and God. The ULC believes that its ministers were ordained by God, according to the Bible, before becoming ordained ministers of the ULC. This is in accordance with the Scripture,

"... for ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you
and ordained you before the foundation of the earth"

(John 15:16)

The ULC does not interpret or set in judgment of a persons beliefs, creed, religion, race, color, or sex. It has only two tenets, doctrines, or basic beliefs. These are:

  1. Absolute right of the freedom of religion.
  2. To do that which is right.

If you agree with these two tenets, you can be ordained as an independent minister by the ULC and registered as such in their international database. This is legal ordination.

Second, after being ordained by the ULC, you will be free to carry on your ministry as you feel God directs you. You will be authorized to perform all religious services including the rites of marriage and baptism. You will be authorized to use a formal title of Reverend before your name. You will be entitled to the respect and consideration that is customarily given to ministers of any religious organization.

Third, ordination by the Universal Life Church is completely free of charge and for life!. There is no charge at all for being ordained by the ULC, and no one can ever take your ordination away from you!

It should be noted that while the ULC is not strictly a Christian ministry because of the non-restrictive nature of the two tenets, nevertheless, the ULC has done, and is still doing, a great service for Christian ministers.

Note too, that because of the non-restrictive nature of the two tenets, the newsletter which the minister may periodically receive from the ULC, may contain viewpoints, in expression of the freedom of religion, that may be considered non-Christian. These should be taken positively for what the actually are; expressions by an individual (regardless of who the individual is) and not negatively as the viewpoints of the ULC itself, as a whole. These expressions can be used as a learning tool to test and increase the Christian faith and virtues in that they show how one can go far and yet be far wrong ... according to Christian doctrines. These viewpoints should be taken in this respect and not as an opportunity to lash out at the individual or the ULC. The benefits of legal ordination for the minister far outweigh such individual viewpoints.

    ULC Ordination Form

    Last name

    First name

    Street address

    Town or city

    State or province

    Zip or postal code


    E-mail address

    Plain text HTML

    I am making a choice to be ordained

    How to apply for ordination

  • Online: Please fill out the form on the right. When you click the Submit button, your ordination will be sent to ULC Headquarters in Modesto, CA for processing. You will receive an email confirming your ordination.

    Once ordained, your information will be placed in our database, as well as being sent to ULC Headquarters in Modesto, CA to be legally recorded by hand. You will want to keep the email you will be receiving immediately following your ordination. Ordination through the Universal Life Church is legal and immediate. However, sometimes the requests are lost in cyberspace, so it's essential that you save the email sent to you which confirms your ordination. If you don't receive this email, please check your spam filters, then double check your typing of your email address.

    Both your name and complete address must be entered in order for the application to be accepted and legalized. Only true legal names with true addresses can be accepted. If you only put in your first name or you put in your cat's name or some other such nonsense, your request will be immediately deleted. The same is true if you live on 'fake street' or anything similar to that. All of the ordinations are verified by hand, so please don't make more work for the staff than necessary.

    We take this rite very seriously and we hope that you do as well.

  • By Postal Mail: You can submit a request to be ordained by postal mail by sending a note to the address below. In the note, simply state that it is a "Request for Ordination, and list your full legal name and address.

    Universal Life Church
    601 Third Street
    Modesto, California 95351

    The Universal Life Church Headquarters website is:

After you have been ordained by the Universal Life Church, and if you are a Christian, you are invited to join the Universal Life Christian Fellowship (ULCF). Click here for more information.


The Church of Seven Planes (CSP) was established in 1978 to provide those who ask the opportunity to become legally ordained without cost and without regard to religious belief. Once ordained you may organize your own church, and, if you so desire, may obtain a legal charter for your Church from CSP.

Click on the banner for more information

Universal Ministries, with its headquarters in Milford, Illinois, offers FREE Non-Denominational and Interfaith Ministers ordination.

They also host the Universal Ministries School of Theology.

Click here for more information about ordination.

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