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The Nephilim,
Children of the Fallen Angels
and the Daughters of Men

"Question: What hope will there be for the progeny of the fallen angels? (Gen 6:4) Have we any reason to hope that they share in the redemption accomplished by our Lord, or that they will be participators in any measure in the restitution and resurrection processes of the Millennial age? If not, why not? Would they not stand related to the human family in much the save way as our Lord Jesus stood related to the same through the mother and not through the father? Would not this seem to imply that they should be sharers, therefore, in the redemption and restitution?"

"Answer: You will find this subject very fully treated in DAWN, Vol. V. See Chapter 4, on "The Undefiled One", and page 104, respecting the Nephilim, children of the fallen angels and the daughters of men. In connection with the fuller treatise on this subject we link the two together as your question does, and repeat that we find no hope for these Nephilim, since they were not of Adamic stock. We call your attention to the fact that our Lord Jesus, not being of Adamic stock, was not a sharer in its condemnation and curse, and hence, similarly, would not have been a sharer in its blessings. We are to remember that the way in which he profits our race is not by being one of us in sin and imperfection, but because he was not one of us he was able to give his separate and uncontaminated existence as our ransom-price. The blessing upon Adam and his family, coming, as it will, through Jesus, as its purchaser, who gave himself instead of Adam, thus redeemed him and all who were in him at the time of his transgression and condemnation. This clear-cut distinction most positively shows us that the fallen angels and their progeny were in no sense of the word Adamic stock, and, hence, were in no sense of the word covered by the ransom." (Z.W.T. March 15, 1904)

"Another fact which scientist are demonstrating to themselves, which seems to concur with the Scripture testimony, is, that though life or being comes from the father, FORM and NATURE, come from the mother. The scientific proofs of this are more abstruse and less easily grasped by the ordinary mind; and this, because in wisdom God has not only separated the various KINDS or NATURES, but in great measure has limited them, so that they cannot mix powers of fecundation. A common illustration of this is the mule, a hybrid which cannot propagate."

"The old idea that form and nature came from the male is abandoned by modern students of nature, who now agree that the female furnishes ORGANISM as well as SUBSTANCE -- in fact furnishes all except the life-seed or sperm, which come from the father or life-giver. Take as a Scriptural illustration of the foregoing claims the improper union between 'the daughters of Men' and those angels which kept not their first estate or condition. (Gen. 6:2,4; Jude 6; 2 Peter 2:4) The angels, when they assumed human form, being perfect in vitality, begat children far superior to the then greatly fallen race of Adam in mental acumen as well as physical powers, so that the record is -- 'the same were men of renown". These wonderful men, let us remember, were born of imperfect, dying mothers, but begotten by vigorous unimpaired fathers."

"The dying race of Adam would have had hard masters in those superior NEPHILIM (Hebrew, FALLEN ONES) which were never recognized by God, either by a trial for life, or by a condemnation to death. It was mercy indeed which, not having authorized their existence, blotted them from existence in the flood, and sparing as a new beginning for the race Noah and his family, with the comment -- 'Now Noah was perfect in his GENERATION", which implies that the majority of Adam's posterity had become greatly CONTAMINATED and more or less a new race by association with the angels in human form. We say a new race because of their new life and vigor coming from new fathers." (Studies in the Scriptures, Vol. V., page 104)