"I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.
One brotherhood, uniting all mankind, in service and love."

Constitution and Bylaws


True Grace Ministries, an interfaith - inclusive Christian Universalist ministry, formed in September, 1995, in order to proclaim the Gospel and the Christian Universalist Faith, adopts this Constitution and Bylaws.
True Grace Ministries affirms the salvific presence of God in non-Christian religions while still maintaining that Christ is the definitive and authoritative revelation of God. This couples the Christian's confession of Jesus Christ with genuine openness to the truth and goodness found in other religions. God being revealed definitively in Jesus Christ does not imply that He is not working in the wider world and in other religions. It is through the finality of the redemption for all humans accomplished by God through Jesus Christ that salvation is confirmed. This is the basis of the inclusive Christian Universalist Faith.

The General Principles of the Christian Universalist Faith are as follows:

  1. The trustworthiness of the Bible as containing a revelation from God
  2. The Universal Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all humans
  3. The spiritual authority and leadership of His Son Jesus Christ
  4. The certainty of just retribution for sin
  5. The final harmony of all souls with God: universal reconciliation and universal salvation
The Statement of Faith for True Grace Ministries is as follows:
We believe, that the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments contain a revelation of the character of God, and of the duty, interest, and final destination of mankind.

We believe there is one God, whose nature is love; revealed in one Lord Jesus Christ, by one Holy Spirit of grace, who will finally restore the whole family of mankind to holiness and happiness.

We believe, that holiness and true happiness are inseparably connected; and that believers ought to maintain order, and practice good works, for these things are good and profitable unto men.

We believe that God, as the moral governor of the universe, will restore righteous and equitable rewards and punishments upon all mankind according to their several characters or deserts; but that all punishment will be remedial, and consequently limited.

  • Maintain high ethical and moral values in all our dealings, personally and professionally.
  • Respect each person's difference in religious beliefs (regardless of their religion), including the differences in doctrine, style and personality of other Christians as they follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit.
  • Only speak in edifying ways in regards to others, including Christian ministers, ministries, and the Body of Christ at large.
  • Treat all with whom we come into contact as we would like to be treated.
The name of this ministry shall be True Grace Ministries
True Grace Ministries is composed of Regional, Local and Internet Ministries
The officers of True Grace Ministries shall be a General Overseer, Council of Elders, Regional Overseers, and Local Ministers.

General Overseer: The General Overseer is the Spiritual Leader of True Grace Ministries. It is his responsibility to insure the purpose and mission of True Grace Ministries is carried out and that the general principles of the Christian Universalist Faith are adhered to. The General Overseer appoints the Council of Elders and Regional Overseers. The General Overseer receives advice and suggestions from the Council of Elders and Regional Overseers. However, the General Overseer determines all final decisions pertaining to True Grace Ministries.

Council of Elders: The duties and responsibilities of the Council of Elders is to assist, advise and counsel the General Overseer as well as the Regional Overseers. The Council of Elders has no decision-making powers.

Regional Overseers: The General Overseer with advise and counsel from the Council of Elders appoints the Regional Overseers. The duties and responsibilities of the Regional Overseers are to assist, encourage, elder, support and mentor local ministers. It is the duty of the Regional Overseers to insure each local minister, ministry, church, and other affiliations of True Grace Ministries and the Christian Universalist Faith are adhered to. Local ministers, ministries, churches and other affiliates report any problems or concerns directly to the Regional Overseers. Regional Overseers are encouraged to resolve any problems or concerns at the regional and local level before contacting the Council of Elders or the General Overseer for advice and counsel. Regional Overseers report to the General Overseer.

Membership shall consist of those who make application for membership, and are in agreement with the principles of the Christian Universalist Faith, and are approved by the General Overseer.

All members and associated ministers of True Grace Ministries are responsible for his or her own actions. True Grace Ministries assumes no legal resposibility for any of its members or associated ministers.

Membership and Ministerial standing in True Grace Ministries will be revoked upon proven behaviors unbecoming Christians and Ministers.

The Council of Elders or Regional Overseers may propose amendments to this Constitution and Bylaws. Such proposed amendments hall be submitted to the General Overseer who makes the final determination of whether or not to adopt the changes.


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