A Sermon on

Look To The Children

Presented By
Rev. Rev. Ronald L. Grant

Copyright 2000 Rev. Ronald L. Grant
Used by permission

Look to the Children...last Friday, I stopped by the townhouse garden, a couple of blocks from my home in Hyde Park [Chicago]. This is a neat little oval, surrounded by the housing units.

In the corner unit, used to live a family who had four home-schooled children. I would often play for them, when they were in the central garden. Other families would send their children there also, so on any given day, there would be some...

I like to "tootle" my Whistle...anywhere I see children ["the Eyes have it"]. They are innocent and happy..."And a Little Child shall lead them"..."Unless you become as a little child, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven" [Holy Bible].

We, as adults; have lost that innocence, for the most part...with the possible exception of a few Artists and Musicians. I am saddened by the fear [Prejudice? Ignorance?] in many parents...they will often jerk their children from anything that is "different" from "their" version of reality.

Magic goes away...Where are the Fairy Tales? Who remembers Christopher Robin, Winnie The Pooh, or Howdy Doody? There are guns in the schools, and even younger children are using them!

The Little People are Under the Hill...and, some of them are emerging again. Listen, to the Music Within! If we play [and Listen to] the Song of God, They will join us! There are many more realities and life-forms in this universe, than we can possibly imagine. As we tune in to the Music of Spirit, They will join us in the "Heavenly Chorus". The Children know...as we join in "Session", the less time we will have for...shooting, or any other form of abuse we can do to each other.

Look to the Children! They will teach us to Dance in the Arms of Mother Earth... if we allow them to...and don't dump ashes on the dance floor! Even the "shy little ones" will crack a smile, if you play a long enough "Happy Tune"... especially the ones from other countries who don't speak English, or are too young to speak in words. They are smarter than you think!

I especially have fun, playing for young Asian children [relating to my time in Vietnam]. I used to listen to Japanese radio stations, while on guard duty there. A couple of Japanese songs, made it onto the American Pop Music Charts, during that period. They were sung by a Japanese musician, named "Kiyu Sakamoto" [phonetic spelling]. A Pop Music star in Japan, during the 'Sixties; his popularity soon migrated to America.

Two of his songs, are "Suki Yaki", and "China Nights". Both were Love Songs... the second one a story of a forbidden love between a Japanese soldier, and a Chinese Lady. Such songs are common to all times and places, in the culture of Man. These two songs are recognized [in melody at least], throughout Southeast Asia. They only seem to carry their "full potency", when sung in Japanese. I have heard English translations, but the subtle rythmn and meter of the poetry, doesn't really translate. The "Essence" of the music, still seems to cross Cultural barriers.

This is a perfect example of Music, as a "Universal Language". Music can heal, or kill...drive the soldier into a frenzy...create a riot...calm a panic. It can ease a child [at birth], into this world...or carry a person to Paradise [at the time of Death]. Music can give us a look into other levels of being, let us speak to Angels [or Demons, if we are not careful]. It is a window onto the Soul, and one of the Many Voices of God.

Return to the Asian Children...whenever I see an Asian family, I will play these Japanese songs...and watch the parent's eyes. Even if they are not Japanese, the songs are often recognized...and I get the most surprised looks! Their eyes light up like Christmas morning...and this almost always triggers a conversation. Often this works with single Asian persons, as well as couples without children [0f ANY culture!].

They appreciate that I have taken the time to learn of their culture...the children will sometimes shyly hide behind their mothers...but still peek out, with a smile. Rarely they will "wind up", for a big cry...usually because of illness, or fatigue.

Children are often more tolerant of new things, than their parents...until they reach a certain age. But that "cutoff age" is getting younger all the time ...witness the cases of weapons in the schools, or children caught up in murder / abuse situations. Much [but by no means ALL] of modern Music, sings of such ideas. Where do they get the concepts, they express in their Music? We need to clean the Windows, of our "Collective Soul".

Rev. Ronald L. Grant

"Ron The Piper"